Sojos Capital Announcement

INDIANAPOLIS – November 2021 – Local company, Sojos Capital, unveiled its multi-million-dollar plans to create a mixed-use landmark destination development known as Window to the World, formerly Lafayette Square Mall, in the International Marketplace neighborhood. Plans will also include multiple surrounding properties within the area; focused on dining, music, art, shopping, housing, office, youth education, sports, entertainment, infrastructure improvements and public safety.

“I achieved my own American dream right here in the International Marketplace,” said Fabio de la Cruz, principal, Sojos Capital. “I started as a busboy at a restaurant, then worked hard to learn about real estate and started my own company. For more than 15 years, I’ve been buying abandoned properties in the area. I saw these vacant spaces and was shocked that the buildings weren’t packed with tenants because I knew people who would be interested in renting those properties. I talked to the landlords and they were more concerned about financials than the person’s character and vision. Whenever I take over, I fix the property. I give the opportunities to people I think deserve it. The rest is history. I love to pass opportunities to others that I once had. This is why I’m passionate about the success of this neighborhood.”

Sojos Capital successfully raised and closed a qualified Opportunity Zone Fund, which is the source of capital for Window to the World. After already investing $500,000 in due diligence studies and more than $6 million on capital improvements at the former Lafayette Square Mall, Sojos Capital projects an additional $200 million investment to transform into the new Window to the World.

Due to the distressed condition at acquisition, immediate improvements included repairing and replacing the roof, changing the air conditioning units and adding security enhancements. The first phase will include additional investments, expected to be completed between 2022-2023, including:

? Transformation of the former mall interior into year-round indoor “streets” that recreate outdoor scenes from around the world

? Ground-up construction of approximately 200 multi-family rental units

? Renovation of a former anchor store into a boutique hotel

? Renovation of a former anchor store into innovative office space

? Renovation of a former anchor store into a multi-functional event space

? Renovation and leasing of outparcel buildings, such as veterinarian/pet boarding, bicycle sales and rentals, and coffee shop

? Construction of a new public trail and public park

? Infrastructure and street improvements

As part of redevelopment of the area, Sojos Capital is finishing renovating properties, including:

? Exterior improvements at 5046-5210 W. Pike Plaza Road (where Carniceria Guanajuato, Yummy Crab and others are located)

? Exterior improvements at 4351 Lafayette Road (where AT&T store, Sizzling Wok and others are located)

? Exterior improvements at 2802 Lafayette Road (Eagledale Plaza Shopping Center)

? Exterior improvements at 4002 N. High School Road (where JM Dry Cleaners, K-Arise Store and others are located)

Other Sojos Capital projects opening soon or under renovation, include:

? Fabio Sports (indoor soccer, paddleball courts, sports academy and dance studio) at 3695 Commercial Drive

? International Concert Center at 3733 Commercial Drive

? Trampoline park at 3708 Commercial Drive

? Ground-up construction of the new IMPD Northwest District Headquarters at 4005 Office Plaza Boulevard (completed May 2022)

? Exterior improvements at 4090 Lafayette Road (expected to be completed in 2022)

? Exterior improvements at 3717 Lafayette Road and 4343 W. 38th Street (expected to be completed in 2022)

? Exterior improvements at 3540 Commercial Drive (expected to be completed in 2022)

? New soccer fields at 5101-5111 W. 38th Street

? Ground-up construction of soccer facility at 5101-5111 W. 38th Street (completion date to be determined)

? Ground-up construction of Monarca Academy at 5101-5111 W. 38th Street (expected to be completed in 2023)

? Renovation and reopening of movie theater at 3898 Lafayette Road

Sojos Capital owns more than 250 acres and two million square feet on the city’s westside. The properties are located within these boundaries; north: Georgetown Road and Interstate 65; south: 30th Street and Lafayette Road; east: Lafayette Road and Interstate 65; and west: 38th Street and High School Road. Of this portfolio, Window to the World includes 112 acres and 1.3 million square feet.

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